Getting your tax return back has never been easier in Sweden, thanks to Skatteverket. Follow these simple 9 steps to get your tax return back before Easter.

Declaring your taxes in Sweden has always been pretty easy. Especially with the advent of Bank ID, you’re able to digitally sign your tax return and avoid all of that messy paperwork. Thanks, Skatteverket!

They’ve now gone one step further by partnering with Kivra, Digimail and Min Myndighetspost so you can get your tax return back before Easter. Yes, Easter!

That’s almost two solid months earlier than the usual get-tax-back-before-midsummer that many of us Swedish tax paying residents have come to know and love.

Personally, I have chosen to go with Kivra, as it’s easy to use and I’m familiar with their product. So, what is Kivra? Kivra is a digital mailbox which collects all of the credit checks which have been performed on you in one place. If you’ve applied for a loan, bought something with Klarna or signed up for a bank account, you’ve either used it, or  could have received a letter in the mail from a company like UC highlighting your past earnings and credit worthiness. It’s pretty nifty, as you can keep track of all of the companies that have performed credit checks on you and you can keep track of your perceived credit ratings and debt or earnings, in one place.


Now that’s established how do you get started?

  1. Go to this page on Skatteverket.


Here you can choose which service you want to use. As I mentioned above, I decided to go with Kivra and in this how-to they will be used in this example. But feel free to go with whichever you like.


2. Click on “Skaffa Brevlåda” which you can see on the red box below.

3. Once you have done that, you will be redirceted to Kivra’s pretty looking start page



(side note, look at that URL structure!  Is Skatteverket getting affiliate dollars with referrals? Who knows!) 


4. Now you’re there, click on the top right orange button “Registera dig”

5 A.  Once you’ve done this, you will be taken to a page that looks like the below. If you have BankID enter in all of your details:

Put your personal number, email address and mobile number in. Then push “Aktivera Brevlåda” which will send you to Bank ID to confirm your identity.  If you have done this step, skip to step number 6 below. 


5 B i. If you don’t have Bank ID follow instructions 5B i-iv below.

Start by clicking on the second tab “Aktiveringskod” as highlighted in red below.

5 B ii. Now that you’re here, you’ll see a window like the below. Click on “Beställ här” as highlighted in the red box.


5 B iii. You will now see a form like the below. Input your personal number, email address and phone number. Once you have done that click on “Beställ via post”. And within a few days you should receive an activation code in your mail box and you complete the last activation step (5 B iv.) below.

5 B iv. now you have you confirmation code that has been sent to your physical mail box, input your activation code on this link and personal details into the box which looks like the below. Then click “Aktivera Brevlåda”.



6. Now that you’re in the system, you will find yourself in your inbox (inkorg). Here you will see past credit checks that have been performed on you, if you have a history. For reference, I have shown you what mine looks like below but hid the fun details 🙂


7. Next step go to the top navigation an select “Info”

8. Now you will come to page that looks like the below. Select the option “Skatteåterbäring till påsk” as shown in red, and then click “Gå till inställningar”.



9. You will then be taken to a page to activate your account, and confirm via BankID. Once this is done you will be taken to a confirmation page that looks like the below.


So, there you have it! If for some reason you want to cancel, then you can select “Avregistera”. Although I am sure why you want to, after completing these 9 easy steps to get your tax return back faster. 🙂